June 5, 2009

OpsMgr 2007: Files and Folders starting with "Program" causing unmonitored Agent


The Operations Manager Service Pack 1 (SP1)Â Agent or Management Server may be shown as greyed out in the Operations Manager console and the following events may be logged in the event log:

Event ID: 10000
Source: DCOM
Description: Unable to start a Dcom Server: {}. The error: description> Happened while starting this command: -Embedding
regarding monitoring host


Event Type: Error
Event Source: HealthService
Event Category: Health Service
Event ID: 1102
Description: Rule/Monitor
"Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoveryHealthServiceCommunication" running for instance
"" with id:"{38696FAA-2A83-6068-B008-DB43D49FB879}" cannot be
initialized and will not be loaded. Management group ""

Computers having files or folder that start with "Program" on the root drive may not be monitored. All workflows fail when file "c:\Program" is present on the machine. This happens because HealthService.exe is unable to start MonitoringHost.exe.

Workaround Information
To resolve this issue, delete or rename the file or folder named Program on the affected computer.

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