May 24, 2012

What information is collected by SCCM heartbeat discovery?

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As requested by one of my blog reader, would like to post the information on heartbeat discovery. Heartbeat discovery discovers all the machines within the network and ping them. It also tells whether machines is alive or not and client status as well. If client is installed on machine and it does not update the status on SCCM console it means DDR is not sent to the assigned SCCM site and that's why it will display the status as sccm client 'No'. Whenever heartbeat discovery agent runs on the machine, it provides us the below information-

  • Is the client installed?
  • Client type (Legacy, Advanced, or Device)
  • Client version
  • NetBIOS Name
  • Character encoding used by the client
  • Default system locale identifier (typically representative of the client’s language)
  • Date and time of the DDR
  • Date and time of last DDR
  • Short name of system
  • Currently logged in (interactive) user
  • FQDN of system
  • IP Network ID
  • Platform ID (this is an encoding of the OS version)
  • AD Site Name
  • IP Address(es)
  • MAC Address(es)
  • Domain name
  • Assigned (Primary) Site
  • Hardware ID
  • Identifying number (of the computer system)
  • Product name (of the computer system)
  • UUID (of the computer system)
  • Version (of the computer system)
Please do let me know your queries/doubts and I will try to help you to satisfaction level.


April 4, 2012

SCCM Administrative Checklist

I am happy to announce that my contribution to SCCM Administration is accepted by Technet Wiki and it has been published to the Wiki Portal.

Here's the link -

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April 3, 2012

SCCM 2012 Guide

An initiative and contribution from Microsoft technet wiki to all the sccm lovers/learners. It's a SCCM 2012 survival guide which helps admins to learn SCCM and get expertise in this area. I am just sharing it to the readers/admins.


March 31, 2012

SCCM Query to find how many sites have PXE service point enabled?

This report will help to identify all the PXE service point enabled within any SCCM environment.

Select vs.sitecode,vs.sitename,vs.servername,vss.role from v_Site vs, v_SiteSystemSummarizer vss
where vs.SiteCode=vss.SiteCode and
vss.Role like 'SMS PXE Service Point'