February 6, 2011

My Next Milestone 'Solutions Architect' by 2012

I am just understanding the responsibilities of 'Solutions Architect' and below are my findings about SA roles -
  • Assist in the refinement of business requirements
  • Respond to business requirements with feasible technical solutions
  • Provide an architectural design for the selected solution that:
  • Helps the customer verify that they're satisfied with what they're getting
  • Provides a blueprint for the project manager to plan with
  • Informs the constructors so that they can estimate cost & effort
  • Liaise with: 
    • The customer to ensure alignment with requirements
    •  The project manager to identify appropriate constructor engagement
    •  Constructors to validate feasibility & provide support throughout construction
    •  Write & present eloquently with the appropriate audience perspective in mind
    •  Build & maintain excellent relations with key stakeholders
    •  Apply their creative skills & talents in devising effective designs (a.k.a. thought leadership)
    •  Continuously expand their knowledge & specialisation of technology & design patterns
Finally, I can conclude that SA role is a Subject Matter Expert role who actively involves with Project Management team and helps Project manager to take decisions with expert judgement.


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