May 24, 2012

What information is collected by SCCM heartbeat discovery?

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As requested by one of my blog reader, would like to post the information on heartbeat discovery. Heartbeat discovery discovers all the machines within the network and ping them. It also tells whether machines is alive or not and client status as well. If client is installed on machine and it does not update the status on SCCM console it means DDR is not sent to the assigned SCCM site and that's why it will display the status as sccm client 'No'. Whenever heartbeat discovery agent runs on the machine, it provides us the below information-

  • Is the client installed?
  • Client type (Legacy, Advanced, or Device)
  • Client version
  • NetBIOS Name
  • Character encoding used by the client
  • Default system locale identifier (typically representative of the client’s language)
  • Date and time of the DDR
  • Date and time of last DDR
  • Short name of system
  • Currently logged in (interactive) user
  • FQDN of system
  • IP Network ID
  • Platform ID (this is an encoding of the OS version)
  • AD Site Name
  • IP Address(es)
  • MAC Address(es)
  • Domain name
  • Assigned (Primary) Site
  • Hardware ID
  • Identifying number (of the computer system)
  • Product name (of the computer system)
  • UUID (of the computer system)
  • Version (of the computer system)
Please do let me know your queries/doubts and I will try to help you to satisfaction level.



  1. What table/fields are the initial & latest DDR dates & times stored?

    1. do you want to know the latest DDR date or you want to know when the client machine had last contact with SCCM server?

    2. for latest DDR dates, you can use Agenttime column from v_AgentDiscoveries SQL view.

      Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks for the information.

    Is there any way to force a "Heartbeat discovery" on a single machine?

    Here's why I'd like to do this: when I rename a machine locally, I then have a duplicate machine that pops up in SCCM. I can then delete the old one and use the new one. Problem is, the new one shows "Client - No" for as long as (it seems) the heartbeat doesn't happen (which is around 7 days here).

    I'd like to have the option to make it say "Client - Yes" without having to wait. Is that possible?


  3. I would suggest you to uninstall the sccm agent(if any) from the machine first and then make sure the machine record is deleted from SCCM database; once done, rename your machine, install the SCCM agent on the machine and then go to control panel->Configuration manager client properties->Initiate Discovery Data Collection Cycle Action and it will force heartbeat discovery on a single machine.

    Hope it helps!

  4. It works! Thank you!!
    Although I didn't have to uninstall the sccm agent and delete the record. I just had to change the name locally, reboot, do the Discovery Data Collection Cycle on the machine et voilĂ ! You just have to do it quickly after the reboot or another machine will appear with the new name instead of the old one getting updated.

  5. Hi Atul,

    I wanted to use the Heartbeat discovery data to get some customized information.
    You seem to be a SCCM Champ. Can you please help me out with my queries?

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