February 1, 2010

What's new in ConfigMgr'07 R3?

1. Scale & Performance Improvements: Collections in R3

a. Microsoft is focusing on evaluating new systems in R3 and will implement new collection setting called 'Fast evaluation' which populates newly discovered machines.
b. Full evaluations are still processed in the same way.
c. A new collection needs a full evaluation to show existing clients.

How it works:
- Collections are evaluated by periodically executing a query
- results are inserted into a temporary table
- this table is then merged into the master collection results table (Collection Members)
- If there is no change in results, master results table not changed
- If onlya few resources have changed, evaluation process faster due to only processing changed resources.

2. Scale & Performance Improvements: Delta AD Discovery

a. Each AD discovery query has 2 tasks:
1. Discover any changes to any users or machines, based on the query, that would likely affect targeting (default is 5 minutes)
2. Perform a periodic "full scan" to capture users and machines last logged time, ensuring active users and machines are not made obsolete.

b. On an individual query basis, select to run "discovery now" for a full scan.

3. Scale Improvements: R3 supports 3,00,000 clients when using the default settings for all ConfigMgr 2007 features.

Note: No change to other site and site role supported numbers.

4. Sharepoint based ConfigMgr dashboard
- compliance metrics related to SUM, SWD, DCM, Licensing and OSD sections for a particular time period.
- sharepoint based authentication: customize dashboards based on User Roles.

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