February 1, 2010

What's new in ConfigMgr'07 Service Pack 2?

SCCM 2007 SP2 supports below platforms-
-Windows 7
-Windows Server 2008 R2
-Windows Vista SP2
-Windows Server 2008 SP2

New features added to SCCM 2007 SP2 are:
1. Managed Client Support - Client can be a target for apps, inventory, updates and more.

2. Site role host control - Servers can host all site infrastructure roles.

3. Improved Client Policy Evaluation -

a. Faster Policy Processing: before SP2, policy download was queued locally for 2 minutes before processing. This 2 mins delay has been removed in SP2.
b. Most efficient software distribution configured to run at user logon:
before SP2 user policy requests were not downloaded for 2 minutes after user logon event. This caused a delay is user/group targeted advertisements.
c. A common scenario is an App-V distribution environment where user/security group targeting is used.
d. this 10 mins delay has been removed in SP2 and user/group targeted advertisements are instantly available after user logon in SP2.

4. Branch cache support:
a. Integration enables configmgr organizations to
-significantly reduce WAN traffic
-reduce transfer loads on DPs.
b. Clients that are Branch Cache enabled will transfer content from peers if available before hitting DP.

5. SP2 will also continue to deliver new support for x64 architectures including:
a. x64 support for OpsMgr'07 client agent
b. Update to OpsMgr MP for x64 OS
c. x64 performance counters
d. Remote Control support added for x64 windows XP and x64 Windows Server 2003.
e. App-V x64 Client Support.

6. Asset Intelligence Certificate Requirement Removal:
ConfgMgr'07 SP1 introduced Asset Intelligence v1.5. With SP1, Asset Intelligence could be configured to use as online synchronization for updates. With SP2, the requirement to have the certificate has been removed.
-The initial release required a certificate.
Software Assurance is not required for this functionality, including SP1.

7. Intel vPro Technology: Integration Enhancements in SP2-

a. Wireless Profile Management
b. 802.1x support
c. Non volatile memory or third party data store (3PDS)
d. Access Monitor: Audit log
e. Remote Power Management: Power State Configuratio from SCCM console.

system center power management phases:
Monitor-> Plan-> Apply-> Check-> Report (saving in power consumption and costs and environmental impact)

8. OS deployment:

a. Multiselect and delete driver catalog drivers from the SCCM console
b. task sequence UI displays package names as in the SCCM console.

9. Better feedback on AD extension success/failure.


  1. Hi Atul,

    I would like to know How to Install SCCM 2007 without extending Schema modifications.
    Please reply to smahadevan@in.rm.com


  2. Schema can be extended later on. The limitations are listed here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb694066.aspx ("Using SMS 2003 Active Directory Schema Extensions for Configuration Manager Sites")