January 13, 2011

Client installed but showing as 'No' to SCCM console - troubleshooting tips #3

It's better to understand the difference between reinstalling sccm client and repairing sccm client. When you reinstall a client, it creates SMS classes in WBEM repository, initiates policies for notification to SCCM management point and gets new SMS GUID as an identification but it won't delete the exisitng GUID (SMS keeps it until we delete certificate using ccmdelcert.exe from the toolkit.. or uninstall sccm client porperly). SMS identifies it as new record and acts on it as new client. If you have added this machine to somewhere your system based collection, it won't be getting any policies. Machine, having old GUID certificate, would be negligable and policies would be rejected from respective Management point.
While, if you repair a client; it removes old certs, assigns it new certificate and initiates policies as unique record. It works properly and policies are apporved by MP.



  1. i want to doing troubleshooting of clients and doing the trouble shooting i found below error

    I have found that client was previously installed fully but it is not showing in SCCM console.After checking ccmsetup.log.I have found that installation succed is showing.

    I have uninstall the client and start installing while duirng installation.It got stuck and showing the below logs.

    Below log are coming in atleast 20 machines.

    Sending Fallback Status Point message, STATEID='309'. State message with TopicType 800 and TopicId {A55671EE-98AF-4883-8D19-8349F926FA6C} has been sent to the FSP

    Deleted file C:\Windows\system32\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.cab

    Deleted file C:\Windows\system32\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.xml

    what is the solution for the above thing..


  2. did you uninstall it properly, pls check your ccmsetup.log for validation and reinstall client again. In case you are still facing issue, just let me know.

  3. hi really had trouble in troubleshooting this type of concern any idea where should i start looking to change the guid of the clients

  4. Arbee, there are two things I would like you to check-
    1. Check whether you are able auto discover the site code?
    2. Check if you are manually able to assign site code to client and then are you able to see list of client actions under Configuration manager client properties?

    Apart from this, could you please let me know some brief about your sccm infrastructure in which you are facing this kind of issue.

    Also, please send me ccmexec.log on my email id - atulkr.mishra@hotmail.com