January 20, 2011

Optimize your IT Infrastructure with cost effective solutions

One of the most admiring thing of Microsoft is to be very customer oriented and to provide best solution/services within optimum cost. I really appreciate that MS always focuses on business needs and there are timely enhancements of MS technologies.

Generally, Organization looks for optimized IT Infrastructure withing its production environment and it's like investing on IT resources as below-
  1. Infrastructure Setup need Servers and workstations
  2. Servers need servers management tools  
  3. Server management tools need server administrators
  4. Server Administrators need skills upgrade (Trainings & Certifications)
  5. Workstations need few agents to be managed properly
  6. agents need system engineers
  7. If company is medium or large scale enterprise, it further requires Global Service Desk and Onsite Service Desk
 As IT consultant, I think, now Microsoft is coming with solutions as

Infrastructure Setup need Servers and workstations

-- Cloud Computing, Virtualization
Servers need servers management tools
-- System Center products (SCCM, SCOM, etc)
Server management tools need server administrators
-- MS might come up with Artificial Intelligence
Server Administrators need skills upgrade (Trainings & Certifications)
-- Virtual Labs

Workstations need few agents to be managed properly
-- SCCM Client (for Managing)

Workstations need system engineers to troubleshoot any issues
(If company is medium or large scale enterprise, it further requires Global Service Desk - GSD and Onsite Service Desk - OSS)
If it's GSD - MS is coming up with Service Manager 2010 (SCSM 2010 provides built-in processes based on industry best practices for incident and problem resolution, change control, and asset lifecycle management. Through its configuration management database (CMDB) and process integration, Service Manager automatically connects knowledge and information from System Center Operations Manager, System Center Configuration Manager, and Active Directory Domain Services)

If it's OSS - TIFIC (finally recommended)

IT environment presents a difficult challenge for IT Service Support organizations who are facing the reality of “doing more with less” — while improving customer satisfaction. End users support presents a unique challenge due to the shear number of applications (productivity, line-of-business, etc.), that many users have gone mobile and that the typical end user computing environment is going through constant change, which we all know is the root cause of most problems.

The net result is an overwhelmed, reactive IT support staff that and are facing some difficult challenges.

  • Higher call volumes, longer wait times and higher abandonment rates
  • Longer support calls
  • Lower first time fix rates and more costly escalations
  • Declining customer satisfaction

Utilizing Support Automation technologies, Enterprise IT Service Support organizations can reap significant business benefits that include:

  1. Transform the support organization from being reactive to being proactive — thereby increasing end-user and support staff productivity and satisfaction.
  2. Reduce the support load (fewer calls) on the service desk through automated resolution of known problems.
  3. Reduce the AHT (Average Handling Time)
  4. Increase FTR (First Time Resolution), eliminating costly escalations
  5. Improve end user satisfaction
note - pls go thru link for more information on TIFIC http://www.tific.com/?page_id=13

I will come up with Cloud computing concepts soon.

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