January 31, 2011

Go Green for IT - Implement Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud computing is virtualized compute power and storage delivered via platform-agnostic infrastructures of abstracted hardware and software accessed over the Internet. These shared, on-demand IT resources, are created and disposed of efficiently, are dynamically scalable through a variety of programmatic interfaces and are billed variably based on measurable usage.

Cloud "Applications"
Examples: SalesForce, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Quicken Online

Advantages: Free, Easy, Consumer Adoption
Disadvantages: Limited functionality, no control or access to underlying technology

Cloud "Platforms"
Examples: Google App Engine, Heroku, Mosso, Engine Yard, Joyent or Force.com (SalesForce Dev Platform)

Advantages: Good for developers, more control than “Application” Clouds, tightly configured
Disadvantages: Restricted to what is available, other dependencies

Cloud "Infrastructure"
- Provide “Compute” and “Storage” clouds
- Virtualization layers (hardware/software)

Examples: Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Amazon S3, Nirvanix, Linode
Advantages: Full control of environments and infrastructure
Disadvantages: premium price point, limited competition

Cloud "Extenders"
- Provides extension to Cloud Infrastructure and Platforms with basic functionality

Examples: Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon SQS, Google BigTable
Advantages: Extends functionality of Compute & Storage Clouds to integrate with legacy system or other clouds
Disadvantages: Sometimes requires use of specific Platforms or Infrastructure

Cloud "Aggregators"
- Sits on top of various Cloud Infrastructures for management
Examples: RightScale, Appistry
Advantages: Provides more options for Cloud environments
Disadvantages: Dependent on Cloud Providers
Hosting Heads to the Clouds
Static -> Dynamic = Quick & Easy Scalability
Cost Prohibitive -> Cost Effective = Cost Efficiencies
Predictable -> Unpredictable = Innovations
Stagnant -> Growth = Evolution
Traditional Hosting -> Cloud Hosting = FUTURE!

sources: http://blog.GoGrid.com

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