January 15, 2010

Default Settings for SCCM Client Agent

Hardware Inventory – Simple Schedule run every 7 days, does not collect NOIDMIFS or IDMIFS.

Software Inventory – Simple schedule run every 7 days, Inventory collected, all exe’s not compressed or encrypted on all drives including the Windows directory. Collect file and product details. No files collected.

Advertised Programs – Allow user targeted advertisement requests enabled, provide a countdown of five minutes, and show advertised program notification icon is enabled. Countdown length is five minutes.

Computer Client Agent Properties – NEW – You will specify the Network Access Account in this window in old school NT4 style domain\user, you can also modify the client polling time for policy updates in this window, the default is 60 minutes. The max is 1440 minutes.

Included are Apply to branch distribution points only, BITS throttling window of 9AM to 5PM, a max transfer rate of 20 Kbps during that time.

Desired Configuration Management – Simple schedule every 7 days.

Device Client Agent – Polling is set to 30 minutes, retry 3 minutes, number of retires is 3, the software inventory is not enabled, but the hardware inventory is and is set to every 1 day, file collection is also not enabled.

Remote Tools – There are still quite a few companies that use this tool. Ask for permission is checked, clients running 2000 you get full control, XP or later view only, you should be using RDP. You will need to populate the viewers list with your group of accounts that is allowed to use this tool as it is blank by default. On the notifications, display visual indicator and show status icon in taskbar are selected, as well as play sound – repeatedly during the session. You can configure Remote Assistance , but these settings are all unchecked by default.

Software Metering – Schedule is set to every seven days.

Software Updates Client – The default settings for this agent are to scan every 1 week, for Updates Installation, nothing is configured by default with the only option to Enforce all mandated deployments and the schedule. The Deployment Re-Evaluation settings are set to a simple schedule of 1 week. This will re-evaluate the approved and deployed updates and reinstall them on clients that are found missing the patch. Removes the need to have that reoccurring ad to manage this. We can leave these settings as is for now.

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