January 22, 2010

Reasons to malfunctioning of SMS/SCCM Clients

SMS Client Malfunctioning: Possible reasons

1. Machines are not in network.
2. AD Stale Objects
3. Machines not coming under the specified site boundaries
4. Site Code Not Assigned to the machines properly
5. Name Resolution Issue
6. Firewall restrictions: Relevant Ports used by SMS/SCCM should be opened
7. Machines with duplicate GUIDs
8. Policies are not getting downloaded from MP (Management Point)
9. Management Point not functioning well
10. The SMS Client Configuration Manager cannot connect to the client Admin$ share or to the Remote Registry Service (IPC$)
11. The SMS Advanced Client Push Installation account is configured incorrectly or is missing or is locked out
12. Advanced Client Push Installation is not enabled at the appropriate site
13. Newly discovered client computers are not assigned to the current site
14. The SMS Advanced Client Network Access Account is configured incorrectly or is missing or is locked out in a non-Active Directory environment
15. The SMS Advanced Client cannot access the installation file on the SMS site server
16. Clear Install Flag is running: As a result, sms client will reported as NO.

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