January 15, 2010

How to transition from sms 2003 to Sccm 2007

The side-by-side upgrade transition process looks like this:

1.Install SMS 2003 SP2 on new server
2.Attach new SMS 2003 SP2 site as a child site
3.Let objects replicate
4.Break Parent – Child relationship
5.Upgrade new Site to Configmgr 2007
6.Install KB945898
7.Migrate clients to new site
8.Remove boundaries from original site
9.Add boundaries to new site
10.Decommission original site
11.Migrate non-replicating objects (queries/reports)

This method provides a smooth transition without impacting your current sms 2003 infrastructure until your new Sccm 2007 environment is fully up and running and has been tested successfully. This makes it one of the lowest transitioning methods available.

Challenges / manual steps to perform in this method are

1.Verify all objects have migrated
2.Configure Site Settings
3.Migrate Folders and folder membership
4.Make Software distribution functional in new site without boundaries
5.Optional: Modify package source path
6.Migrate hardware inventory customizations (SMS_def.mof)
7.Export / Import queries
8.Export / Import reports
9.Configure security rights
10.Non-Replicating Software Metering Rules

Scripts to Tackle the challenges:

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