January 16, 2010

SCCM 2007 wrt Asset Intelligence: What's New?

Recent Usage Inventory:
•SCCM metering agent will inventory the last time any executable was running in the user context.
•Data returned through hardware inventory.
•Additional reports will help you answer the “When was the last time this was used?” question.

Auto-created Metering Rules:
•Last Usage Inventory can be used to auto-create full metering rules which you can decide to enable.
•Simplifies the process of creating metering rules.

Asset Change Summarization:
•A summary of changes to computer assets is stored in a central table.
•Managing deltas help reduce the complexity of asset management.
•Additional reports help you answer the “What has changed recently in my environment?” question.
•Client Access Licenses usage tracking for Microsoft Windows and Exchange:
•Both User and Device CALs usage is tracked.
•Based on Security audit logs.
•Additional reports answer the “who used up the CALs” , “when did they do that” questions.

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