January 31, 2010

Package processing thread in distmgr.log file?

When I was troubleshooting the copy package issue as mentioned in my earlier post, I got some some messages "package processing thread in queue".

I started to find out the exact meaning of this and found that the threads are used for copying packages to distribution points. If we distribute more packages at one time than the number of threads then the package will be putting on queue. The retry count is used when a copy fails.

Note: In legacy version of SMS (without SPs), the number of distribution points that could be effectively managed by a site server is small because SMS allocates a single thread per package. This results in SMS copying content to one particular distribution point, and when successful, moving to the next distribution point.
From SMS 2003 SP1, it copies content to multiple DPs in parallel. Because of this change, the failure of a single DP does not halt software distribution. This change improves both reliability and response time for package deployment, and effectively allows a single site to support a much larger number of distribution points.

The following improvements and benefits have resulted from this change:

1. Less time for package distribution to all DPs of the site
2. A single site can support more distribution points
3. Site hierarchy can be simplified to replace some secondary sites with distribution points in some of scenarios.
4. Faster Software and Patch distribution.
5.Lower hierarchy deployment costs, which results in fewer site servers

Lower maintenance costs, because it is easier to manage a distribution point than a site

1 comment:

  1. Any idea how to increase the number of thread?

    We've got 20 some DPs and BDPs, and our primary site server never seems to be in the first bunch to get updated. We've got the bandwidth to push to more simultaneously, but I can't find anywhere to configure this - registry or otherwise.