January 16, 2010

Extending hw inventory to get SMS client's cache size status

If you want to extend HWinventory so you know what client has what size of
Cache, add this to SMS_Def.Mof in clifiles.src\hinv on your server. No need to mofcomp anything on your clients. The clients already know about this class, they just need to be told via a policy change (by added this to your sms_def.mof on the server) to start reporting on it.

// SMS Advanced Client Cache Reporting Class
#pragma namespace ("\\\\.\\root\\cimv2\\sms")

[ SMS_Report (TRUE), SMS_Group_Name ("SMS Advanced Client Cache"),
Namespace ("root\\\\ccm\\\\softmgmtagent"),

class CacheConfig : SMS_Class_Template
[SMS_Report (TRUE),key ] string ConfigKey;
[SMS_Report (TRUE)] boolean InUse;
[SMS_Report (TRUE)] string Location;
[SMS_Report (TRUE)] uint32 Size;

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