January 19, 2010

MSI Repackaging Tools

1. AdminStudio
2. Package Studio
3. WiX
4. InstallAware
5. MSI Studio
7. Prism Pack
8. WinInstall
9. RapidInstall (Deployment Solution)
10. SMS Installer
11. NetInstall
12. MSI Packager
13. InstallSpy
14. Wise Packaging Studio


  1. Are these tools in order from best to worst, 1 being the best? or is this just a list? If it's just a list, please eplain which ones you like best...that is best freeware also best pay app.

  2. Actually it's a list of packaging tools.

    If you would ask me, It's always better to go with paid application not to go with freeware (recommended if published by genuine publishers like Microsoft.. etc). I had good experience with AdminStudio, very easy to package application.. or go with Wise Studio... what's we are using right now.

    A part from this, I would say to use App-V if your management is agree with virtual packaging and having ELA with Microsoft. It would be beneficial and easier to build, manage and deploy packages with minimum cost.